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Preguntas más frecuentes

  • How will I learn online?
    My lessons are conducted online via Zoom platform. I create all materials for you, which I share with you after our lesson, so that you can revise it in your own time.
  • What English level am I?
    We will meet at our trial lesson and I will check you English level. After that I will let you what is your current level and how I can help you to improve.
  • What is a trial lesson?
    It's a short, 30 minute Zoom session where I will tell you about me and how I can help you with you English, you will introduce yourself and practice English to determine your current level.
  • How to book a lesson?
    Please take a look at classes and courses I offer and let me know, which one you are interested in. Get in touch with me to arrange a suitable lesson time. Please tell me your name, location and your current English level.
  • How do I pay?
    All payment is collected prior to commencement (usually on monthly basis). Payment is made via PayPal. Payment options may be available.

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